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The ߲app County Board of Education transacts all business at official meetings. Meetings of the Board, except those with the Board's attorney to discuss pending or threatened litigation, are open to the public.

All powers of the Board lie in its action as a group. The 11 individual members exercise their authority over school system affairs only as they vote at official meetings. Six members must be in attendance for the Board to hold an official meeting. A simple majority vote of the Board's total membership is required to approve most matters. With 11 members in office, six votes are required for approval of an item under consideration, even if members are absent.

Individual zone maps are linked below. To view to full ߲app County School Board map, click HERE.

 scs board members 2023Front Row (L-R) Glen Gregory, Sarah Andrews, Tim Brewer, Tammy Hayes, Betsy Hawkins. Back Row (L-R) Allen Lancaster, Ted Wise, Andy Daniels, Steven King, Andy Lacy, Josh Graham

To contact the entire School Board, please click HERE. If you would like to contact an individual board member, click on their name listed below.

Meeting Notices

To find out when the Board is scheduled to meet, please check the 2023-2024 Board Meeting Schedule or on our page. Meeting agendas are posted on Fridays prior to meetings on the page of this website. Minutes are posted once they are approved by the Board. Special or rescheduled meetings will be announced on the district's Home Page as soon as possible after such decisions are made.

Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board shall be held on the third Tuesday night of each month at 6 P.M. in the Board Meeting Room of the Education Central Office, located at 695 East Main Street in Gallatin. By majority vote, the Board may reschedule a regular meeting. In the case of emergency, the Executive Committee, made up of the Director of Schools and the Board Chairperson, may reschedule a meeting as long as a two (2) day notice is given.

Special Meetings

The Board shall hold such special meetings as necessary to transact the business of the Board. Such meetings shall be called by the chairperson whenever, in his/her judgment, the interests of the schools require it, or when requested to do so by a majority of the Board. Only business related to the call of the meeting and details related to agenda items shall be discussed or transacted by the Board at a special meeting.

Study Sessions

The Board may meet in study sessions to discuss any matter of interest to the Board or school district. Study sessions shall be presided over by the vice chairman. No votes are to be taken during a study session. Study Sessions are open to the public, and they are typically scheduled for 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of a month.

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